2016 Mr Olympia Press Conference Live Vlog Live Stream

The 2016 Mr Olympia Press Conference Live Stream Live Vlog will start at 12:05 PM Noon Pacific Time = 3:05 PM Eastern Time Thursday September 15, 2016 on Bodybuilding League Youtube channel




Top IFBB Pro Bodybuilders like Big Ramy, Kevin Levrone, Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Roelly Winklaar, Shawn Rhoden, Cedric McMillan and other IFBB Pros will be there, so if you are a Bodybuilding Don’t Miss it.

Who will win the Olympia in 2016 ? The biggest mystery in years of the olympia history, The 5x Champ Phil Heath vs the Legend Kevin Levrone vs the never aging always improving dexter jackson vs Shawn Rhoden the presumed new champ vs Big Ramy the huge freak of nature.

So Tune in at 12 PM Pacific Time = 3 PM Eastern Time for the Olympia press conference. And later that day for meet the Olympians

The stream will resume Thursday night for the Olympians Meet & Greet.

2nd event of the day ” Meet the Olympians ” will start streaming same day Thursday at 8 PM Pacific Time September 15. The stream link will be the same