Kevin Levrone comeback ? Very Unlikely!

Kevin Levrone - Gear Nutra Booth – 2013 Mr olympia expo

 A Kevin Levrone Comeback ? Year over year new rumors come out about certain bodybuilders making comebacks from the competition stage graveyard, and into the prestigious stage of the Mr Olympia, but these rumors most often end up being short-lived, untrue, false or just do not materialize for various reasons.

But many fans seem to be convinced that former IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone might be a unique case. He was rumored to have been a monster transformer that trained and prepared only few months for competitions, and they go as far to suggest that while even preparing major competitions like the Mr Olympia. Is Kevin Levrone making a comeback to the IFBB Pro stage ? unlikely, and near impossible IMHO. Unless he possesses unheard of genetics, and would like to sacrifice his vested time and interest in many projects he is involved in.

What projects you might ask ? Frankly, Mr. Levrone must be a very busy man as the Chief Operating Officer of LVGI’s Subsidiary G.E.A.R, if you have not heard the news yet. At the 2013 Olympia expo he was busy promoting Gear alongside former IFBB pro Mr. Shawn Ray. Launching free t-shirts into air while a huge crowd of fans and admirers were waiting and picking up free samples from booth models. Now if you put two and two together you would know why rumors and publicity are good things.

Still not convinced ?

You can judge for yourself. Just View Kevin Levrone’s recent pictures from the 2013 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Expo at the Gear Nutra Booth (Click to Enlarge Below):

Kevin Levrone Gear Nutra Booth at the 2013 Mr olympia expo 2 - Bodybuilding League
Shawn Ray - Kevin Levrone - at the Gear Booth, 2013 Mr olympia expo
Gear Nutra Booth 2013 Mr Olympia expo
Gear Nutra Bodybuilder 2013 Mr Olympia expo Booth
Gear Nutra Model - 2013 Mr Olympia expo Booth

Just what does it take for an older retired IFBB to make a return? a Kevin Levrone comeback ? plenty, plenty and plenty more.

Final words: How many times have you heard of the Kevin Levrone comeback?  and how much can your genetics carry you through at age 48…!? Kevin looked very fit and healthy at the expo with my guesstimated weight of 190 lbs, but nowhere near having a transformation or a comeback. But who knows, if anyone can shock his fans with crazy genetics hard work, and gym ethics, it would be none other the Maryland Muscle Machine. In fact we’d love to see him make a come back, his fans would love to see him back on the stage. Good luck to Kevin with his business ventures and future goals.


Mr Levrone seems to be enjoying himself with his other passion, making music, and we wish him best of luck. Check out his new singles:


 Gear Nutra info source:  http://www.gearnutra.com/press-release-kevin-levrone.html